Our Story

Once upon a time

two teenagers met in Brooklyn NY. Fast forward about 30 years and they are reunited and become a blended special needs family living in Ridgefield. I, Christine, still remember my first visit from Dee in 1999! Newly relocated from NYC with a Marketing Degree from NYU, I soon became a full-time stay home mom and then a warrior mom. As working around my sons needs was essential, when I went back to work 4+ years ago I started my own direct sales business, working from home with LimeLife by Alcone.

David, relocating from Philly with his own marketing company, Design|Brand|Promote, made a splash in Ridgefield by proposing to me in front of the audience of a Colby Callet concert at The Ridgefield Playhouse! Since then we have worked from home together, but at our own businesses. 

In the summer of 2019 we downsized and moved in to a house up here in Ridgebury that we rebuilt from the studs, working on it for over 3 years! Shortly thereafter, David met Dee at a BNI Networking function in town, and really, the rest is history. 

David and I are happy and proud to bring you a new Personal Touch Welcome. At its core, it is still the amazing greeting service that Dee created, but do look forward to a few modernizations coming up. David will be putting his expertise to work designing a book for newcomers to keep their subscriber info on hand and neat, and he will be designing an App to streamline the redemption process providing the users with an interface they are always attached to (their cell phones!) & enabling our clients to push notifications to the new residents. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to embarking on this new journey with all of you!